Just by chance I just discovered a PBS website supporting a three-part documentary series called Only A Teacher. It appears to have aired in 2000, but I had never heard of it before.

It seems like a great resource. Here’s a quote from its description:

“The documentary series “Only A Teacher” explores the diverse faces and many roles of the American teacher from the 1830s to the present. In three one-hour episodes, “Only A Teacher” presents historical background about the profession and how it developed, while giving voice to contemporary teachers and their concerns. The series plays out as a dialogue between past and present, as teachers from different eras describe their dreams and setbacks, challenges and achievements.”

The site includes video clips from the series, an exceptional multimedia timeline on the history of teachers and teaching in the U.S., short biographies of “teaching pioneers,” and interviews with teachers today (including Linda Darling-Hammond and the late Frank McCourt). It has much more, too.

Has anyone seen the series? If so, what did you think of it?