Sean Banville is the creator of several excellent websites for English Language Learners and their teachers.

Most of them are on various “The Best…” lists, including Famous People (which is on The Best Resources For Researching & Writing Biographies), ESL Holiday (lessons from that site are on many of my holiday lists), and Breaking New English (which is on The Best news/current events websites for English Language Learners).

I just learned from U.S. Citizen Podcast that Sean has begun another site called News English Lessons.

He describe it this way:

“FREE Handouts, Listening & Quizzes in Simple English – Read About the Latest News and Learn English – It’s Easy.”

It appears to me that it has current news materials that are even more accessible to English Language Learners than on his Breaking News site.

I’m sure I’ll be adding a link to his new site to more “The Best…” lists.