This post contains a listing of the most popular posts in this blog during the month of July.  These are the ones that have been most “clicked-on,” and are different from my Websites Of The Month. Those are the posts that I personally think are the best and most helpful.

Because of the popularity of my “The Best…” lists, it should be pointed out that often the most clicked-on posts are not necessarily ones that I wrote that month. Instead, they might have been written earlier, but then one of these older ones has just been highlighted elsewhere and all of a sudden become popular.

You can see previous reports on my Most Popular Posts here.


1. The Best Listening Sites For English Language Learners

2. The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education — 2008

3. The Best Teacher Resources For “Foldables”

4. The Best Web 2.0 applications for Education 2007

5. The Best Places To Get Royalty-Free Music & Sound Effects

6. The Best Sites To Learn About The U.S. Financial Crisis

7. The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers

8. The Best Sites To Help ELL’s Learn Idioms & Slang

9. The Best Collections Of Web 2.0 Tools For Education

10. The Best Twitterers For Sharing Resource Links


1. What Do You Do On The First Day Of School?

2. What Do You Do When You Have A Few Minutes Left In Class?

3. What Do You Do On The Last Day Of Class? (Part Two)

4. Where To Find The Most Popular News Stories On The Web

5. “Interesting Ways” Series On Using Web 2.0 Apps In Schools

6. Michael Jackson’s Death & English Language Learners

7. PostRank’s Ten “Most Engaged” Education Blogs

8. “Newsy” Is Neat!

9. The Most Popular “Bookmarks” On The Web

10. June’s Best “Tweets”

TOP TRAFFIC SOURCES TO THIS BLOG (not including sources like Stumbleupon, Delicious, Twitter, etc):

1. Free Technology For Teachers

2. Classroom 2.0

3. Colorin Colorado

4. EFL Classroom 2.0

5. Interesting Pile

6. Lexiophiles

7. TechCrunch

8. The Edublogger

9. Mashable

10. Ressources Pour Le College