Storytlr is a micro-blogging platform that in many ways is similar to Tumblr and Posterous, both tools that are on The Best Places Where Students Can Write Online, and I’ll be adding Storytlr there, too.

One big additional benefit it has is that you can also easily make it the “collection point” and back-up for all your online activity — blog posts, tweets from Twitter, Delicious bookmarks, Facebook, and a lot more.

But even that is not the reason I think it’s “fantastic.”

The real reason I love it is because it lets you search through all of them, and the search function is exceptional.

There is no easier way to both back-up and search your own “tweets.” For that purpose, it works much better than Twitter’s own search tool.

It even gives you a widget you can place on your blog. Here’s mine:

Thanks to Go 2 Web 2.0 for the tip. I’d recommend you read their post about Storytlr, too.