In 1980, my extraordinarily talented  mother-in-law, Marilyn Judson, co-wrote a neat book titled Simple Folk Instruments to Make and Play.

It’s filled with simple, step-by-step instructions to easily make musical instruments.

I’ve used it for lessons with English Language Learners. Making a musical instrument provides tons of language-development opportunities — both during and after the lessons. I figure music teachers might find it fun, too.

The book is long-out-of-print, but it’s available used on Amazon for peanuts.

No new wealth will accumulate to our family by your purchase since you can only buy it used, but I think it’s a good resource for teachers to have.

By the way, not only is Marilyn talented, she’s good-hearted.  She is a leader in the Davis (CA) Friends of the Library and has arranged for thousands of books to be donated to recent immigrant families.