U.S.A Learns is the number one ranked site on The Best Sites For K-12 Beginning English Language Learners and is tied for number one on The Best Sites For K-12 Intermediate English Language Learners list.

Given that I think so highly of the site, I’m just going to copy and paste the email I just received about a Webinar that site is hosting:

USA Learns, www.usalearns.org, is free website that contains 3 courses, and beginning ESL course based on Putting English to Work I, an intermediate English course based on English for All (where just this week 3 new lessons were posted), and a reading skills course based on the CDLP news stories website. It is less than a year old but has already had more than 5 million visitors from all over the world but mainly within the U.S. Distance Learning programs in California began to use the site last spring, and student response has been favorable.

On August 19 at 11 a.m., OTAN will be hosting a special Webcast with Evelyn Fella, the lead developer on the USA Learns project. Evelyn will present the student and teacher sites for USA Learns, and make some suggestions about how teachers might use the site for distance instruction. You will be able to submit questions via online chat.

The session will be recorded and posted after the event, so if you can’t attend the live event you will still be able to view the presentation.

Webcast Registration Instructions:
To register, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to www4.scoe.net/ims/webcasts
2. Click on the “Upcoming Webcasts” link in the shaded Online Video Events box.
3. Select the event you wish to register for from the list of events.
4. Select “No” when asked if you are registered.
5. Enter the information required.
A confirmation will be sent to the registed email address along with a password. If a confirmation email is not received within 10 minutes of registering, check SPAM folders or call support at 916-228-2636.
6. Complete all necessary tests before the date of the Webcast.

Report any problems with registration or testing to Melinda Holt at (916) 228-2636 or mholt@scoe.net