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The Best Resources For Finding And Creating Virtual Field Trips

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Virtual field trips are what the name implies — going on a field trip without actually leaving school grounds. Nothing really beats going out on a real trip for creating zillions of learning opportunities, but if money is tight and/or you don’t expect to be taking your class on an international adventure anytime soon, a virtual trip might just have to do.

These kind of trips come in four “sizes” — ones that you schedule in advance and have live interaction with someone on the other end; one that is pre-recorded and can be accessed at anytime; one that you create on your own; or one that students create after experiencing one as a model.

Most, though not all,  of the sites listed on “This Best… list” offer more than one of these options.

You might also find sites on The Best Sites For Panoramas list useful for planning some virtual trips.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources For FInding And Creating Virtual Field Trips:

Here are sites that have very extensive collections of various virtual field trips:

Internet 4 Classrooms

Eduscapes has a nice feature called Virtual Adventures.

Edutopia has a good article titled Internet Explorers: Virtual Field Trips Are More Than Just Money Savers.

The iLearn Technology blog has a post on a trip that looks particularly engaging. It’s called the Smithsonian Virtual Museum.

Wes Fryer has a number of good virtual field trip resources.

Here are some resources from Web 2.0 Guru.

Google Earth is another source for these kinds of trips. Here are some specific resources for that application:

Google Earth Virtual Voyages, Virtual Field Trips: Resources

Here’s a free ebook titled An Illustrated Guide to Creating Virtual Field Trips Using Google™ Services

Simple K-12 Virtual Field Trips has a nice collection of links to…virtual field trips.

e Field Trips looks like it has a number of free virtual trips that you have sign-up to “attend.”

Project Explorer offers in-depth multimedia virtual field trips to Jordan, South Africa, Shakespeare’s England, and — later this year — Mexico. Different versions of each are offered to different grade levels. No registration is necessary — just go to the site and begin.

Calvert County Public Schools Social Studies Virtual Field Trips


100 Incredible Virtual Tours

Google has created a gallery where you can visit historic areas around the world using its Street View feature.

The Google Art Project puts some of the most important art museums, and their collections, online with amazing features. I’ve embedded a very short video from the site that shows what it can do — I can’t do justice to it just with words.

Google released a “Street View” of portions of the Amazon. You can go to the site; read Google’s post about it and see their links to special highlights, and read TechCrunch’s post about it.

Here’s Another “Wow!” Site From Google — The “World Wonders Project”

Travel the World from Your Classroom: Free iPad Apps for Virtual Field Trips is from Edutopia.

Google Unveils Great Resource For Virtual Field Trips

6 virtual field trips to give lesson plans a boost is from Education Dive.

Here’s a map of virtual field trips and webcams that I learned about from Richard Byrne. You can see a bigger version here.

View Virtual Tours & Webcams in a larger map

Check out Virtual Field Trips Spice Up Learning from Middleweb.

The Best “Sound Maps” & Webcams For Teaching Geography

Google’s New “Expeditions” Looks Like An Insanely Cool Way For Students To Take A Virtual Field Trip

Five-Minute Film Festival: Virtual Field Trips is from Edutopia.

Google Rolls-Out The Coolest Way – Ever – For Students To Take Virtual Field Trip

Feel free to contribute additional suggestions.

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