One of my favorite bloggers, Anthony Cody, has a great post that is largely written by famed education writer Herb Kohl. It’s called Herb Kohl: The Perilous Road We Must Take.

It’s his response to the often cited conflict between inquiry based instruction and direct instruction.

Here’s an excerpt:

“To expect that children who do not have rich learning environments to perform in a way that is comparable to those who bring more “educational” sophistication to the testing table is probably foolish. The impatience to equalize test results through drill and practice, narrowing the curriculum, and inhibiting teachers’ creativity is counterproductive. The best possible case is that students will do well on the test and then discover, in college and later in life, that they learned nothing in school. The worst case is to intensify the gap and the humiliation and frustration it causes. We have to dare to take issues of equity seriously and fight for resources and opportunities for all of our students.”