U.S.A Learns is the number one ranked site on The Best Sites For K-12 Beginning English Language Learners and is tied for number one on The Best Sites For K-12 Intermediate English Language Learners list.

Given that I think so highly of the site, I’m just going to copy and paste the email I just received from Marian Thacher about a Webinar that was recorded and is now online about the site:

USA Learns is a free website containing three courses, a beginning English course based on Putting English to Work I, an intermediate English Course based on English for All, and an English and Reading course based on the stories from the CDLP website. This link will take you to a 45 minute recording of the Webcast on USA Learns. Evelyn Fella explains what’s on the site, and gives distance and lab teachers some tips on using it with students. It will be a good orientation for teachers new to the site. The page also contains a link to Evelyn’s slides, and to the three USA Learns site: for independent learners, for teachers, and for students registered in a class.