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A nice geography lesson is to have students plan a trip to some location (or locations). There are several web tools that make doing this pretty easy — it’s just a matter of identifying where you want to go, looking through the sites to see in those places, and then “dragging-and-dropping” them onto a list that you can subsequently post on a student or teacher website/blog. Most of these sites also allow you to write a description of your trip (and why you chose the places you did), but students can do the same on their own site, too.

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Even better, most of these sites also let users comment on places they have visited, which make them an excellent place for students to write for an authentic audience about locations they have really visited (which can include local spots).

Here are the sites that I think are most accessible to English Language Learners and let them plan these kinds of virtual trips (not in order of preference):

Discover America


Tripline just opened for business, and it’s a great map-making application. You just list the various places you want to go in a journey, or a famous trip that has happened in history or literature, or a class field trip itinerary, and a embeddable map is created showing the trip where you can add written descriptions and photos. You can use your own photos or just search through Flickr. Plus, you can pick a soundtrack to go with it as it automatically plays through the travels.

Here are examples of the ride of Paul Revere and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

It’s super-easy to use, and the only tricky part is that you can’t add photos until after you create your trip and save it. That’s not a big deal, unless you couldn’t figure it out like me and had to contact the site.

You might also be interested in The Best Resources For Finding And Creating Virtual Field Trips.

Google Maps lets you save and share favorite places with launch of Lists is a post from TechCrunch.

Google Unveils “It’s A Wonderful World” For Traveling – Virtually

Camp Target lets you plan out a road trip.

AI Tripmaker uses AI to develop travel itineraries.

WonderPlan uses AI to create travel itineraries.

Huuk and MindTrip use AI to plan…trips.

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