As regular readers know, I’ve just begun teaching a class for our school’s International Baccalaureate program called “Theory Of Knowledge.”

In the Theory of Knowledge class, students basically learn to not take anything they’re being taught in school or hearing elsewhere at face value, and that the world is not black and white. So I encourage them to question what they’re learning in all their other classes 🙂

It fits in with one of my favorite quotes from Saul Alinsky, who is considered the “father” of modern-day community organizing, and who started the organization where I spent most of my nineteen-year community organizing career:

“I detest and fear dogma…The human spirit glows from that small inner light of doubt whether we are right..”

I’m looking forward to modifying the lessons I use in this class so I can use them with my English Language Learner students.

I’ve just begun a blog for this class, and it’s called….. Theory of Knowledge. I’ll be using it a little differently from my other class blogs. This one will be more of a place where I’ll be accumulating resource links on the sidebar that I’ll be having students access for study or for use in my actual classroom with an LCD projector. I won’t have many actual blog posts laying out assignments.  So, you might want to subscribe to that blog but, more importantly, you might want to “manually” check it regularly for new sidebar content.

There aren’t an enormous number of resources there right now, but it will be increasing rapidly.

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