'Mexican flag, independence day, September 16, 2005' photo (c) 2005, Roman Soto - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Today (September 16th) was Mexico’s Independence Day (September 15th is the Independence Day for El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica) . Sorry I’m a bit late getting this “The Best…” list up, but at least you’ll have it available for next year if you can’t still use it now…

Here are The Best Resources For Learning About Mexico’s Independence Day (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

Viva la Independencia in Mexico is a slideshow from The New York Times.

Enchanted Learning has some basic resources on the holiday.

2010 was also Mexico’s Bicentennial. Here are some resources on celebrations of that event:

Mexico bicentennial celebrations is a slideshow from The Guardian.

Mexico’s Bicentennial comes from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.


Here’s another useful Mexican Independence Day infographic.

Mexico Independence Day: What You Need to Know is from National Geographic.

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