I’ve written several posts about applications that easily let you annotate web pages — in fact, I have a Best Applications For Annotating Websites list.

I’m always on the look-out for web tools that can mimc a key instructional strategy I use with students in the classroom — having them use post-it notes to annotate books or articles so they can demonstrate their use of reading strategies (asking questions, making connections, etc.).

I thought Awesome Highlighter was the solution a year or two ago when I first heard about it, but often students found it didn’t work very well — either highlighting ability didn’t always work, or the virtual post-it notes were difficult to position.

However, today I revisited it, and the site worked like a breeze on multiple webpages I tried. If today is indeed typical of how it usually works, it will be perfect annotation tool for students — type in a webpage, highlight key phrases, type out and position some virtual post-it notes, click on save, and then post the url address of your work on a class blog or website.

My students will be giving it a try next Friday. I’ll let readers know how it works.

Has it been working well for others who have used it?