Readers might have heard elsewhere about a big report issues earlier this week by the Carnegie Corporation titled Time To Act: An Agenda For Advancing Adolescent Literacy For College And Career Success.

I took a quick look at it when it just came out and just couldn’t bring myself to read a 108 page report. Usually, I just look at the Executive Summary of these kinds of things, but, in this case, the summary was awful and didn’t give any real sense of the report’s recommendations and conclusions.

I did send it on to a friend and mentor, who knows more about literacy issues than other person I know, Kelly Young at Pebble Creek Labs (by the way, I’ll be posting an interview I’ve done with Kelly — the first time I’ve done anything like that in this blog — you won’t want to miss it).

Kelly did read it, and pointed me to a valuable section in the report that was indeed worth reading. Check out Appendix B, titled “Essential Elements Of Literacy For Adolescent Learners.” It’s only a few pages, and is a quick read.