Layers is a new site that lets you annotate any webpage. Two especially nice features it has are (1) you can add photos and videos to your annotation by just including the url address and (2) you can see how other people who are also registered at Layers have annotated the same page.

I quite regularly post about any new site I can find that allows you to easily annotate webpages. I’ve got a lot of them listed on Best Applications For Annotating Websites, but I don’t think I have yet to find the perfect one for students to use. Layers might come close, but it’s not initially particularly intuitive in its initial lay-out on how to use it. Nevertheless, I’m adding it to that list.

As I shared on that “The Best..” list, these kinds of sites are ideal for students to demonstrate reading strategies on the Web, just as the use real Post-Its in the classroom.

I’ll have students give it a try and see what happens.

Thanks to Go 2 Web 20 for the tip.