Linklist lets you make lists of links with no registration required.

You can decide on your topic, write a short description, and then develop an ordered or non-ordered list. After you’re done, you’re given an embed code and url address for it.

What’s really neat about it, though, is that once you paste a url address into your list, the name of the link actually shows up as an active link. For example, as I was creating a list of my favorite books, all I did was search for them on Amazon, paste the url addresses of each book on the list, and the link that showed up was the name and author of the book. This kind of ease makes it very easy for students to use.

Linklist would really be great, though, if and when they add the ability to write additional descriptions next to each list item. Then it could be used more effectively for higher-order thinking skills like categorization. You can see The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students for how and why I think this ability is so important.

Thanks to the Make Use of Blog for the tip.