I don’t consider myself too much of a “worry-wart,” but I figure I’ve spent a lot of time into developing my website, many materials stored in my computer,  and my various blogs and, even though I have a lot of confidence in the webhosts and my computer hardware, anything can happen.  And given that possibility, it doesn’t hurt to “play it safe.”

I particularly like these services that provide automatic back-up for all my work.  I don’t have to even think about it, and just receive daily, or even more often, reports from them confirming that my materials have been backed-up. I’m sure that there are others, though, so please leave your suggestions in the comments section of this post.

One is Mozy, which backs-up everything on my computer.

Blog Backupr is useful for….blogs.

Packrati.us could be useful. It follows your Twitter feed, and then bookmarks any url address you tweet to your delicious account.

Dropbox lets you download the application, and it lets you easily move any of your computer files into it. As you make changes in the documents, it immediately and automatically registers them at Dropbox (and at any of your other computers where you installed the application) and you can access them at anytime either at the Dropbox site or at any of those other computers. Everything is always “in synch” automatically. This is a big help to me at school, where I can access tons of the files I have at home related to different classes, and won’t have to worry about flash drives — either at school or if I’m traveling with my laptop. Dropbox also lets you share any of the files publicly, too.

Google launches a new Backup & Sync desktop app for uploading files and photos to the cloud is a TechCrunch post. I had no idea that Google offered this kind of service that would back up your files to Google Docs.

Feedback, of course, is always welcome.

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