Middlespot was the number two application in The Best Search Engines For ESL/EFL Learners — 2008, but since the number-one ranked site went out of business, I can safely say it’s my choice as the best search engine for ESL/EFL learners. It was also included in The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students.

They just announced improvements in their site (you can see a video about them here), and I’ve got to say I’m quite impressed.

It’s so easy to save the pages, images, etc. that you’re looking for; you can easily write tags for each of them, and the best feature is that you can email or embed your work — all without registration. I’ve written in those “The Best…” lists, particularly the one on social bookmarking, on how useful an application like this can be in generating higher-order thinking among students. You might want to check out those ideas, and check out Middlespot.