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It’s time for the annual update of my “The Best…” search engines list.

Obviously, from the title of the list you can determine that the prime criteria I use is the search engine’s accessibility to English Language Learners. I believe this kind of accessibility also makes these applications very useful for students of all ages and language proficiencies.

Many of the sites in the top half of the list also appeared in last year’s ranking, and they all have made improvements over the past year. Several new web tools have joined for the first time.

Here are my choices for The Best Search Engines For ESL/EFL Learners:

2Lingual is a bilingual search engine. You type in your search term and then choose two languages. Search results will show-up side-by-side in both languages. It could come in very handy for English Language Learners in content classes, as well as for their teachers who might be looking for materials in a second language that they could offer to their students for extra support. I was quite pleased with the searches I did, though I wish they had separate “tabs” for videos. They provide bilingual searches for Google and for Bing, plus a voice search capability.

Kiddle seems like a very useful search engine for English Language Learners. The first few pages of each search only show very accessible sites.

6 Google Tricks That Will Turn You Into an Internet Detective is from The NY Times.

Online Version Of “Poe,” A ChatbotGPT Alternative, Goes Live

Globe Explorer is a visual search engine.

Feedback, as always, is welcome.

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