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December 12th is a Mexican National Holiday, and an important day for many Mexican-Americans — The Day Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe.

Many English Language Learners in the United States are from Mexico. Accessible materials on any high-interest topic helps motivate students to be more engaged in learning, plus, with The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, students bring a whole lot of prior knowledge to make make the resources even more accessible to them.

So here’s another “The Best…” list — The Best Sites For Learning And Teaching About The Day Of The Virgin Of Guadalupe:

My top choices for materials accessible to English Language Learners are (not in order of preference):

A short article (with audio support for the text) and slideshow from Minnesota Public Radio.

Mexicans celebrate Virgen de Guadalupe is a slideshow from The San Francisco Chronicle.

Dance and Devotion: Matachines Tradition Honors Our Lady Of Guadalupe is from NBC News.

Voices: Growing Up With Our Lady Of Guadalupe is from NBC News.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Is a Powerful Symbol of Mexican Identity is from NBC News.

Why Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated across the U.S. is from NBC News.

Virgin of Guadalupe Is ‘No. 1 Mother’ in Mexico, a Binding Force Across Divides is from The NY Times.

‘We need hope’: Latino Catholics commemorate Virgen de Guadalupe through virtual events is from NBC News.

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