Here are my nominations for The Edublog Awards 2009 (you can go to that link to find instructions on how you can make your own nominations):

Best Individual Blog

Public School Insights by Claus von Zastrow posts excellent reports on what’s happening in schools around the country, and provides essential critical reflection on what is being done, or should be done, in the name of “school reform.”

Best Individual Tweeter

Again, I’m making two nominations.  Steven Anderson (@web20classroom) not only sends out a ton of useful tweets, but works hard to develop a sense of community among educators on Twitter. And I can same the same thing about my other nominee — Shelly Terrell.

Best New Blog

I have two nominees here, too:

David Kapuler has done a fabulous job at his blog Technology Tidbits. Not only does he share new ed tech resources, his interview series with bloggers has been very informative.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice has contributed a great deal of insight to what’s going on in schools today, and what should be going on there tomorrow.

Best Class Blog

I’m going to be a little self-interested here. I’m pretty impressed (if I say so myself) by the work that my colleague, Katie Hull, the students in our two Intermediate ESL classes, and I have done with our Intermediate English class blog.

Best Resource Sharing Blog

Kevin Jarrett’s Welcome To NCS-Tech may be the “Dean” of all education resource bloggers, and continues to churn-out posts about helpful resources.

I had been planning on nominating Paul Hamilton’s blog, but, unfortunately, he hasn’t been posting a lot lately.  I hope he’ll be able to get back in the groove again so I can nominated him next year!

I nominated Richard Byrne last year and, since he won, I figured it might be good to give someone else a chance this year.  Richard, of course, has continued to do excellent work.

Best Teacher Blog

I’m nominating two here:

Alice Mercer is my Sacramento colleague who writes great posts about both educational policy and the day-to-day life in a classroom. The name of her blog is Reflections On Teaching.

David Deubelbeiss has got to be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, ESL/EFL teachers in the world, and his blog has to be on my list.

Best Librarian/Library Blog

Joyce Valenza at the Never Ending Search shares incredibly useful resources and insights.

Best Educational Tech Support Blog

This is a toughie.  Sue Waters at The Edublogger would be a definite nominee here, but I know it was ruled out last year because of a “conflict of interest” (which I’m not convinced is correct since it would just be one of many in that category and people can vote for whom they want).

If that prohibition is still in effect, I’d like to nominate two blogs:

Langwitches is on many of my “The Best…” lists, and is a great source for links and practical advice. Silvia Tolisano does an exceptional job.

The other is Tom Barrett – for his “Most Interesting Ways” series

Best Educational Use Of A Social Networking Service

Here, again I’m nominating two:

EFL Classroom 2.0, which has a community of thousands of ESL/EFL teachers from all around the world.

English Companion Ning, which has also brought together thousands of teachers.

I look forward to learning about other great blogs.  Nominations are open until December 8th!