Thinkmeter is a neat new application that is very similar to Linklist, but better. I think it offers exceptional opportunities for educators and students.

It’s designed as a survey-like tool, where you can ask a question and have people vote by clicking on the number of stars they want to give it. People can also leave comments when they vote. You can create these surveys, and vote in them, without registering. If you pick an item from Amazon, it will show an image of the item and, at least if you list a book, it will also show a description of it.

In addition, if you insert the url address of an image from the Web, it will show it.

You can post the link to your survey wherever you please.

Here are just two ways I will try using it:

* Having students pick their favorite books from Amazon and have other students rate them and leave comment.

* Having students use it for the same activities I list in The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students, like listing their favorite games from my website and having others vote on them. In many ways, Thinkmeter can function as a super-easy bookmarking tool for students. As I mention on that “The Best…” list, students can also use a tool like this to create “picture data sets” — a collection of images they can grab off the web that fit into a specific category. On Thinkmeter, once you insert the url address of a photo, the entire photo shows-up on the list, and students can leave a description and justification about why they think it belongs into that particular category.

In fact, I think Thinkmeter has so much potential that I’m adding it to that bookmarking “The Best…” list.

Thanks to the Make Use of blog for the tip.