As regular readers know, I’ve been putting energy this school year into creating lessons where my students can (I hope) more explicitly learn and develop concepts/habits that, for lack of a better term, I’m calling “life” learning. I written about them here — on what physically happens to the brain when it learns something new; on self-control, and goal-setting.

I’ll be expanding on them in my upcoming third book, and will be using this blog to help write it. I’ll be sharing more about that after Christmas.

Today, though, I’d like to ask readers help in developing a new lesson on “blaming others.”

Several recent studies have recently been done which show that blaming people is contagious — that reading about people who blame others for their mistakes and shortcomings makes people more likely to blame others for their own mistakes. These same studies, though, show that the opposite is true, too — those that read about people who accept responsibility for their mistakes are more likely to take responsibility for theirs.

I’d like to identify newspaper articles and stories, or short book excerpts, where people accept responsibility for their mistakes that I can have students read.

Can you share some ideas in the comments section? I’ll compile them in a future post, and also report what I specifically do in the lesson I’m developing and how it goes. I’ve found quotes related to the topic, but no narratives so far.