Today, TED Talks announced a great new feature called Best of The Web.

Here’s an excerpt from their announcement:

“…these talks don’t come from TED or any of our partner conferences. These talks come from all over the Web. We’ll draw from any source — from lectures at little-known forums to famous speeches that made history — so long as the video is available for free, and so long as the talk meets our most important benchmark: that it’s an Idea Worth Spreading. Over the next weeks and months, you’ll see the Best of the Web collection grow to include a large variety of great talks on technology, entertainment, design and all the other topics you can find on”

The first talks in this feature include ones from Michael Sandel and Steve Jobs.

This looks like it will, indeed, be a great feature. They could make it even greater, though, if they were able to show them without the YouTube “imprint.” Even though they’ll be hosted on TED Talks, it appears that they will still be blocked by school content filters since — at the least the first few — are taken directly from YouTube.