I’ve already posted (and continue to add to) The Best “Decade In Review” Sites and The Best Year-End Collections Of Images — 2009.

Today, I thought I’d highlight a few similar special features on the Web that are accessible to English Language Learners, but provide more text than images.

Here are my choices for The Best “Year In Review” Features That Aren’t Photo Collections — 2009:

This infographic from GOOD Magazine titled “All The News” shows, graphically, how much media time was devoted to what news story during the year. It’s pretty neat.

Unforgettable Stories of 2009 comes from Parade Magazine.

TIME Magazine lists the Top 10 News Stories.

Scholastic News chooses their Top Stories of 2009.

MSNBC lists their top ten stories of the year.

The best news of 2009 takes a bit of a different take on the year and only highlights what they think are the best positive stories from the year. It’s from USA Weekend.

MSNBC also shares their happiest stories of 2009.

Newsweek has a fun feature called The Oddest And Most Amusing Headlines of 2009.

This last feature will probably have to be modified for ELL’s, but it’s worth it. It’s the New York Times’ Ninth Annual Year In Ideas.

50 Moments of 2009: A Week by Week News Chronicle comes from TIME Magazine.

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