Obviously, the closure of the last Hmong refugee camp in Thailand and the forced return to Lao of its residents is big news in the Hmong community (and elsewhere). I’m sure it will be a topic of great interest among my students when we return from Winter Break next week.

So I’ve decided to begin preparing a “The Best…” list of resources about what is happening there.

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Here are my choices for the Best Resources To Learn About The Forced Return Of 4,000 Hmong Refugees By Thailand:

Thailand Evicts Hmong Refugees is the title of a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Reuters has an online video clip on the eviction.

After forced evacuation, local Hmong fear for their families in Laos
is an article that appeared in the Sacramento Bee.

Thailand deports thousands of Hmong to Laos comes from the BBC and also has links to a number of other related-resources.

Thailand Sends 4,000 Hmong Back to Laos is from TIME Magazine and also includes additional links.

The Hmong expulsion shares several photos from the Bangkok Post.

Thailand Evicts 4,000 Hmong to Laos is from The New York Times.

Thai army deports Hmong refugees is from Al Jazeera, and also includes a link to an excellent video series that network did on the Hmong.

Thai move to kick out asylum-seekers angers West is from Reuters and also includes several photos of the eviction.

Thailand Urged to Halt Expulsion of Laotian Hmong Population is an article on the America.gov site (run by the U.S. State Department)

Thailand Moves To Send Hmong Back To Laos is on the National Public Radio site.

U.S. Senator Al Franken was provided limited access to the returnees in a visit to Laos in July, 2010. You can read about his visit, and with his displeasure at how it was handled by the Laotian government, in this article in the Minnesota Star Tribune.

US Senator Urges Release of Hmong Refugees and US Lawmaker Visits Hmong Refugees in Laos are two articles about the same visit from Voice of America.

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