I’ll be leading two workshops at The California League Of High Schools Annual Conference in Monterey, California. The conference takes place January 15-17th.

Both my workshops will take place on Saturday.

One will take place in a computer lab:

Technology, Relationships and English Language Learners

This computer lab session will focus on the “value-added” benefits technology can bring to English Language Learners, and how tech can be used to develop and deepen face-to-face relationships. The session will help teachers understand that technology has its place, but also has to be kept in its place.

The other session will be a preview of my upcoming book, “English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work,”  which will be coming out in April.  Here’s how it’s described:

Teaching English Language Learners: Strategies that Work

This session will share research-based methods to teach English Language Learners that are used in the context of what the presenter calls the “Organizing Cycle” — Building Relationships, Accessing Prior Knowledge Through Student Stories, Developing Student Leadership, Learning By Doing, and Reflection. This process reflects the presenter’s twenty-year community organizing career prior to his becoming a teacher, and is featured in the forthcoming book, Teaching English Language Learners: Strategies That Work (Linworth Publishing). Teachers will learn practical lessons to use in the classroom. Lecture and small group discussions will be incorporated.