I’ve been adding more and more resources to The Best Sites To Learn About The Earthquake In Haiti, including links to many special pages news organizations are setting-up just to host photos, graphics, and videos from there. I’ll probably stop adding any new specific sites to that post since so many of the links contain continually new resources.

I’ve got to say that among all the news organizations, I have been finding that the New York Times photo blog “The Lede” has had the best quality material, along with the most up-to-date. It has excellent multimedia resources along with short text information, and is doing a great job of scouring the web for great stuff.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best place for English Language Learners to go because the lay-out isn’t very attractive (CNN works best for student self-access), but I’d suggest teachers keep on checking The Lede for specific photo galleries and videos that they might want to show in class or specifically ask their students to view.