I just sent in the final edits for my forthcoming book, English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work. It should be published by Linworth Publishing in April. It focuses on looking at English Language Learners through the lens of “assets” instead of “deficits.”

Sometime between now and then I’ll be publishing the rather lengthy introduction to the book here in my blog.

This past Saturday I presented at the California League of High Schools Annual Conference. My first workshop was on technology and ELL’s. It went okay, but I let some minor technical snafu’s knock me off-balance a bit.

The second one was focused on my book and, I thought, went quite well. Here’s how the workshop was described:

This session will share research-based methods to teach English Language Learners that are used in the context of what the presenter calls the “Organizing Cycle” — Building Relationships, Accessing Prior Knowledge Through Student Stories, Developing Student Leadership, Learning By Doing, and Reflection. This process reflects the presenter’s twenty-year community organizing career prior to his becoming a teacher, and is featured in the forthcoming book, English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work.

Even though parts of it won’t be easy to follow without my commentary, I thought readers might be interested in seeing the short and very, very simple slide presentation I used during the workshop. Here it is:

You can also see a Wordle of the book here.

I’ll keep people posted. The book is very practical, and I think teachers will like it.