People from Chicago probably know this, but it was news to me and I think it’s pretty neat.

Here’s a reprint from a newsletter from the Smithsonian:

Honoring Haiti
After going ashore in New Orleans following an injury at sea, Haitian sailor Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable made his way north to avoid being captured as a slave. He established himself as an accomplished trader, and then built the first permanent home in an area around Lake Michigan called Eschikagou. This trading post was later renamed Chicago. In 1968 Du Sable was officially declared the Founder of Chicago and a stamp with his image was issued for the 150th birthday of the city. As Haiti recovers from the devastating losses caused by the earthquake, we hope you will take a moment to realize the impact this small island nation has had in so many places around the world.

I’m adding this info to The Best Sites To Learn About The Earthquake In Haiti, where I also have a lot of resources to learn about the country.