Last week I posted about a lesson I’ll be doing soon with my students on sleep (see “Will Sleeping More Make Me Smarter?” — A Lesson I’m Trying This Week).

Today, Science Daily came out with a report on a related study titled Lack of Morning Light Keeping Teenagers Up at Night. It talks about one of the reasons teenagers find it difficult to get to sleep early is because they tend to get less morning light (which, and this is new to me, is called “blue light”).

The report talks about how schools should be better designed to take advantage of natural light to deal with this issue.

I had read something like this before and, because of it, have made sure that I don’t cover up my classroom windows with student work. We’re also a bit lucky since we’re in California, and most of the classrooms are not contained in a single building, so students walk outside quite a bit.

The study is interesting and, no matter what, it certainly can’t hurt to get students exposed to more natural light.