Our Intermediate English class is beginning to work on writing essays commenting on literature. As we began teaching about imagery, however, it was clear that a sizable number of them really don’t have an understanding of adjectives.

So, I’ve developed this list of good online resources where students can practice what we’re learning in the classroom about adjectives. They’re simple — no discussion of adverbs, nothing about adjective order, etc. These sites are useful in helping English Language Learners just gain a basic sense of what an adjective is and how it’s used.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Gaining A Basic Understanding Of Adjectives (not listed in any order):

Grammar Blast: Adjectives

Adjectives Quiz

Identifying Adjectives

BBC Skillwise: Adjectives

Enchanted Learning: Adjectives

Mrs. Haquet from Frenchfrog’s Little English Pond has developed another great interactive. This one is on Physical Descriptions.

Describing People is a simple exercise to help English Language Learners learn about adjectives.

Adjective Exercises

Pick It: Adjectives

Food Adjectives

Adjective Adventure

Adjective Opposites

Possessive Adjective Games

Describing people (Listening Quiz)


Place Pulse is a site from MIT that shows you two Google Street View images from around the world, and then asks you to “vote” on which one looks “livelier”; “safer” or any number of other comparative adjectives (you can switch them by clicking on the question mark).

It’s an intriguing way to teach comparative adjectives to English Language Learners, as well as having IB Theory of Knowledge students explore perception.

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