I posted about a neat new web application last month called Crocodoc.

It lets you upload any document –Word, PowerPoint or PDF — from your computer or the Web, and then it can be “marked-up” with a virtual highlighter or sticky notes. No registration is necessary. You’re given a unique url for the document, and then the people you share it with can annotate it.

Unfortunately, it didn’t let you do the same with webpages…until today.

I learned from TechCrunch that they just added that feature, so it’s a definite addition to the Best Applications For Annotating Websites.

Now, all they need is to create the option of having people mark-up a document without allowing others to have the option to do so, and then it would be the number one app on that list. With that feature, it would be secure for students to use it as an assignment of annotating an article on the web that they could then post. I’ll be emailing that suggestion to them.