I’ve written a lot about the engaging curriculum we use in our mainstream ninth-grade classes, and how I’ve adapted many of those same instructional strategies in my ESL/ELD classes. We get those resources and professional development from Pebble Creek Labs. You can read the interview I did with Kelly Young, founder and director of Pebble Creek, here. Pebble Creek also supplies our school, and others, with curriculum for our Social Science classes.

Their new website has some great free resources.

One is their review of those great instructional strategies. For some, it’s a little difficult to really understand how they’re used by just reading about them, and I’ve encouraged Kelly to put some videos showing just that on the site. But you can get a lot out of the text descriptions.

Another good page is Articles Worth Reading.

Finally, of course, there is the blog that Kelly and others write. I’d encourage you to subscribe.

And if you’re not already using Pebble Creek curriculum at your school, I’d encourage you to consider it.