I’ve written before about Connect With English. It’s a video series for English Language Learners by Annenberg Media. It has good supporting materials, is very engaging for my students, and is on The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL list. All episodes are available online and for free. We show it once a week to our Intermediate English classes.

Though the supporting materials are good, you do have to pay for them. I thought readers might be interested in this one page worksheet that we use instead. Students have to make predictions based on the title of the episode, explain if their predictions were correct, write several questions about the episode that they ask a partner afterwards (who then writes the answers). It’s good listening, speaking, and writing practice.

My colleague, Katie Hull, created it for our students to use. Katie and I, by the way, will be writing a book together on teaching writing to English Language Learners.