“The Learning English Video Project” is a really impressive effort.  Here is  how it describes itself:

The Learning English Video Project is a unique 7-part series of documentary films about people learning English in different countries around the world.
Made by independent UK filmmaker Daniel Emmerson, the series features students from across the world who have different methods and reasons for learning English.

The students’ methodological approaches and grounds for learning are often determined by their geographical and social situation. These are the key aspects that the series focuses on, and by doing so it provides an entertaining and educational glimpse into the global ESL community; as well as being a learning tool in itself with accompanying classroom materials and self-study exercises.

The series of 7 free videos is designed to:

* provide an objective window onto today’s world of English learning and teaching globally

* motivate and encourage English learners of all ages and backgrounds

* offer listening comprehension opportunities and exercises, complete with classroom and self-study materials

Each film averages 15 minutes in length, and is available with and without English subtitles.

Viewing can be either online or offline (after downloading to a computer).

All the films are also offered free to the ESL community, and webmasters are encouraged to use the embed codes provided to display any film on a website.

I’m adding the link to The Best Online Videos Showing ESL/EFL Teachers In The Classroom.

I’m also adding a link to the videos and online exercises to The Best Online Video Sites For Learning English.

Thanks to Carol Goodey for the tip.