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This month’s list is longer than usual.

Here are the posts I personally think are the best, and most helpful, ones I’ve written during this past month (not in any order of preference):

Giving Students “Reflection Cards”

More On Test-Day Brain-”Priming”

Another Way For Students To Strengthen Self-Control?

“Connect With English” Video Series & Worksheet

Packing Away Your Troubles…

“Is Education on the Wrong Track?”

NY Times Launches Great Way For Students To Write For An Authentic Audience

“What Can You Do To Finish The Year Strong?”


“Requests Work Better Than Orders…”

One Way To Help Students Who “Shut Down”?

Crocodoc Gets Even Better!

“Self-Control As A Limited Energy Resource” In The Classroom

“Can The Brookings Institution Really Be That Clueless?”

Why I Oppose Teach For America Coming To Sacramento

More On Drinking Water & Test Scores

Drinking Water Helps Students’ Brains (& Their Test Scores)

“On The Importance Of Being Unprincipled”

“What Does It Mean To Be Human?”

Asking Questions Improves Your Memory


What Are The Oldest Living Things On Earth?

“When You Expect Rapid Feedback, the Fire to Perform Gets Hotter”

“High Learning Leads To High-Earning”

“How Do You Think Your Mother Felt When I Called To Say You Were Doing Well In Class?”

“To Hell With Good Intentions”?

How Do You Think Working Hard & Learning Everything You Can In This Class Might Help You Now & In The Future?

Make A Monster

“Prizing English Language Learners”

Why I Write This Blog

Nominate A Blogger For “Blog Of The Month” & A Twitterer For “Twitterer Of The Month”

Did You Know That THE Key To Saving American Education Is Firing Bad Teachers?

Display The Letter “A” On Test Days & Your Students Will Do Better?

The Importance Of Good Endings

What Snacks Do You Give Students On Test-Taking Days?

“Are You Going To Have A Good Day Or Bad Day Today?”

“Gotta’ Keep Reading” Is A Not-To-Be-Missed Video

“What’s Your Reading History? Reflecting on the Self as Reader”

Two Ways I’m Using Our School Library

Helping Students Who Are Grieving

Very Interesting NY Times Magazine Article On Teaching

“Rebuilding Destroyed Cities”

Movieclips Is Now Available “Globally”

“Should Have, Could Have: What Parents Regret About High School”

More Results From Students Visualizing Success

“How The Average American Spends Their Day”

What Does The Navy Seals Training Program Have To Say About Students Visualizing Success?

What To Look For In A Classroom