We’re just starting to do some video-making in our Intermediate English class, and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do some video-editing. For now, this is not a “The Best…” list. Instead, it’s just a “list.”

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For now, here are my choices for Not The “Best,” But A List…Of Online Video Editors:

Magisto is a new Animoto-like service that lets you upload several short videos and it then somehow “recognizes” the most important parts and turns it into a magically-produced one minute video.

Universal Subtitles is an experimental online application that seems to make it quite easy to add subtitles to any video. Of course, YouTube has introduced an automatic system for creating subtitles, but I haven’t tried that yet. Has anybody else? What do you think?

We Video is a new online video-editing tool. You can read more here. Here’s an update on it from Richard Byrne.

Apple’s New Video-Editing App “Clips” Is Much More….

Typito – Simple, But Not Too Simple, Video Editing is a blog post by Richard Byrne.

AndroVid looks like a decent video editor for…Android.

Kruso is a mobile video editor.


Kinemaster is an online editing tool for Android.

ClipChamp is an online video editor.

Spare Your Friends: Make a Mini-Movie of Your Fabulous Vacation is from The NY Times. It has good online video-editing suggestions and tools.

VideoLeap looks like a decent app for editing videos.

Wave seems to have potential as a video-maker and editor.


Reelshot – Video Editor is a video-editing app that looks like it may be useful.


Headliner looks like a pretty easy online video-editor.

TypeStudio looks interesting – you can edit videos by editing the transcript.

Tella bills itself as a “collaborative video editor.”

Veed is a new video editor.

Story Creator is a new video-editing tool.

Piktostory lets you easily edit and create multiple short snippets of video from one longer one.

Pixiko is an online video editor.


Clip Champ is a video-editing tool from Microsoft.

Runway is a browser-based video-editing tool.

Easy Sub is a new online video editor.

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