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Today marks the beginning of the sixteenth anniversary of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which killed at least 800,000 people (I’ve since added resources marking its twentieth anniversary).

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The Best Resources For Learning About Genocide

Here are my choices (a small list for now that will be growing) for The Best Sites To Learn About Genocide In Rwanda — that are accessible to English Language Learners (many are resources developed for the fifteenth anniversary last year):

The BBC has an incredible number of multimedia resources on the Rwandan genocide.

Intended Consequences is an award-winning multimedia presentation on what has happened to 20,000 children (and their mothers) who were conceived by rape during the genocide.

Ghosts of Rwanda is the website of a PBS film.

Students Remember Rwanda Genocide is a new lesson for ELL’s from Breaking News English.

Rwanda Lesson & Writing Prompt

Portraits of Reconciliation is from The New York Times (you might also be interested in Another Good Writing Prompt: Reconciliation.

Following Orders in Rwanda is is also from The NY Times.

A Good Man In Rwanda is from The BBC.

Remembering Rwandans Who Followed Their Conscience
is from NPR.

The Rwandan Genocide: 20 years later is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

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