Once again, Claus von Zastrow at Public School Insights has written an insightful post. This one is titled “Is Class Size Really That Irrelevant?” There is a great discussion in the comments on his post, too.

In light of the ongoing elimination of class size reductions by school districts here in California to save money, it’s a very timely post.

Critics sometimes question class size’s effect on student achievement. Claus answers them in his post (you might also be interested in a previous post of mine titled Academic Research Has Its Place, But It Also Has To Be Kept In Its Place).

Personally, I think my students and I would do fine if my International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge class had a class size of 35. However, students in my ninth-grade mainstream English class (now at 25) and my Intermediate English class (now at 23) would definitely be shortchanged.

And I would probably go nuts.