The Wall Street Journal came out today with an article and a multimedia presentation on the potential for life on other planets. That topic is always an engaging one for students, and getting their interest is a big part of the learning equation.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About Possible Life On Other Planets (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

CNN also has several useful articles, including Bookies give alien life good odds; The insider’s guide to talking to aliens; and UFO research: Findings vs. facts.

National Geographic has several articles on the topic.

Read about an interesting poll from The Telegraph, One in five adults believe aliens are on earth, disguised as humans.

For fun, watch this TIME Magazine slideshow, A Brief History of Movie Flying Saucers.

The places most likely to harbor aliens is a short, useful slideshow from The Mother Nature Network.

National Geographic appears to have the most accessible article on the recent announcement of arsenic-based life and its implications for possible life on other planets.

On a less-serious note, The Telegraph has a slideshow on how aliens might look.

Infographic: Is There Alien Life Out There… on Earth? is from GOOD Magazine.

What Do You Say to an Alien? is from The New York Times.

The Search For Aliens is an interactive from The BBC.

Check out these NASA interactives.
The Search For Aliens is from PBS.

Should We Search For Alien Footprints On Earth? is from NBC News.

TED-Ed has released this lesson and video:

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