Last week I posted my commentary on TIME Magazine’s article on a major study on paying students for increased academic performance (see The Problem With “Bribing Students”).

Since that time, several other bloggers have posted insightful comments on the same topic, and I’d encourage you to read what they’ve written.  I’ve certainly learned from them.

First, Alice Mercer has written a great post titled “It’s all about the exit strategy…” It’s a very thoughtful reflection on the importance of weaning off of any kind of “behavior modification” program, and it’s partially based on her personal experience as a parent of child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Walt Gardner talks about the dangers of the Hawthorne Effect (a temporary change in performance as a result of something new) as it relates to the study.

And I’ve already written about Claus von Zastrow’s great post, What Really Happens When We Pay People for Test Scores?

Larry Cuban has just published “Paying Students To Do Well in School: What Economists Are Learning about Pay-4-Performance.”