English Central, which was the number one site on The Best Websites For English Language Learner Students — 2009, has just gotten even better with the addition of some great teacher tools.

I personally think it’s the best site — period — for English Language Learners.  It provides listening, speaking, and reading practice — all in an extremely engaging way — and all for free!

Here’s how they describe their new additions for teachers:

Enroll your students: Easily invite as many students as you wish to join your EnglishCentral class. All they need to do is click on your class URL and they’ll be automatically affiliated with you as their teacher. You can remove students from your class as well.

Organize Groups: Divide your students into multiple groups. Managing different classes is now a snap!

Set Learning Goals and Track Progress: Set personalized learning goals for your students. Number of videos? Number of points? Difficulty level? You’re in control! Use your Dashboard reports to chart your students’ progress against individual or group-based objectives. You can also download a .csv file for further analysis.

Design your own Video Channel: Customize your own video channel to include the categories and videos you’d like your students to focus on. Update it as frequently as you like.

Participate in our Teacher Forum: Visit the Teacher Forum to exchange ideas with other teachers and make recommendations. Learn from your colleagues and share best practices!