I’ve posted a couple of times about Crocodoc, the super-simple application that allows you to annotate webpages with virtual post-it notes and drawings.

My only reservation about it was that it allowed others to make changes in the annotations. That could be a bit problematic with some classes — I could see some students erasing the work of other students.

Today, though, they appear to have added the option of sharing a url address that cannot be changed by others. After you click “share,” this options says:

Share read-only document
Anyone who visits this link can see your notes but cannot make changes to this document.

With this change, Crocodoc now becomes the number-one rated application on Best Applications For Annotating Websites and, in fact, is in the running for a high-ranking in this year’s Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education.

You can read more about how I use this kind of online annotation with my students on the annotating websites list.