Effective Practices for English Language Learners: Principals from Five States Speak is a new, lengthy report that looks like it might have some useful information (I’ve only gotten a chance to glance at it for now).

This is how it’s described:

This document addresses questions about how best to assist students who face the significant dual challenge of acquiring the content knowledge necessary for academic success and simultaneously developing their English language competency. Looking at key practices in schools with high populations of non-native speakers of English that have achieved exemplary academic success in their second, acquired language, this document details findings from 49 school principals on nine factors, including school and student characteristics, instructional supports and strategies for ELLs, and barriers to effective instruction for ELLs.

It comes from The Center On Instruction, which has a ton of resources on research-based instructional practices in all subject areas. Because of its good materials on English Language Learners, it’s on The Best Ways To Keep-Up With Current ELL/ESL/EFL News & Research list.