I regularly share my picks for the most useful posts of each month. I also publish a list of the month’s most popular posts, based on the number of times they are “clicked-on.”

I also share a list of Post Rank’s analysis of each month’s top posts. Post Rank uses a variety of ways to measure level of “engagement” that readers have with specific blog posts. I have a constantly updated “widget” on my blog’s sidebar that lists these posts, but I thought a monthly post would be helpful/interesting to subscribers who don’t regularly visit the blog itself.

Here are their rankings for the month of April (for some reason, it didn’t include posts from the first ten days of April in its rankings, so this list is probably missing some popular posts from that time):

The Problem With “Bribing Students”

Nominations Open For “Top 100 Language Blogs”

The Best Sites For Creating Personalized “Newspapers” Online

The Best Sites To Learn About The Gulf Oil Spill

What Can Teachers Learn From Terrorists?

Best Technology Sites

“Finishing The Dream” Is Impressive