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Arbor Day celebrates the importance of trees, and takes place on the last Friday of April in the United States. I’m a day late, but I thought readers might find a “The Best…” list about trees useful.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites To Learn About Trees (that are accessible to English Language Learners):

Happy Arbor Day: Top 10 Awesome Trees is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Arbor Day Lesson comes from EL Civics.

Exploring The Secret Life of Trees is a very accessible interactive from the University of Illinois.

The World’s 7 Most Amazing Trees is a slideshow from Mother Nature Network.

The world’s 10 oldest living trees is another slideshow from Mother Nature Network.

10 Famous Trees is from Mental Floss.

The Oldest Living Things On The Planet is a slideshow from NPR that includes several trees.

A horse-chestnut tree in Amsterdam was a source of joy and inspiration to Anne Frank. There is an online Anne Frank Tree project where students can easily leave a virtual leaf sharing their thoughts on freedom, courage and giving.

Here are slideshows and sources of general information about the Christmas Tree tradition:

A History of Christmas Trees that is accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners.

A slideshow from The New York Times about the lighting of the tree at Rockefeller Center

Video: elaborate multi-camera rig elegantly captures giant redwood tree is worth watching if YouTube isn’t blocked.

Arbor Day Worksheets are printables from Bogglesworld.

Tree-mendous is a New York Times column that would need to be modified to be accessible to ELL’s.

Top 10 Endangered Trees describes…endangered trees.

The Oldest Trees on the Planet shares photos and descriptions of…the oldest trees in the world. It’s from Wired.

Capturing the world’s oldest living things is a slideshow, video and article at CNN that includes information and media about several trees.

Top 10 Endangered Trees is a series of photos with simple informational text.

8 of the creepiest trees on Earth is a slideshow from The Mother Nature Network.

The World’s Tallest Tree Is Hiding Somewhere In California is from NPR.

Cloning Redwoods is a New York Times slideshow.

The Loneliest Plant In The World is from NPR.

Magnificent & Weird Trees is a photo gallery on just what it says.

Infographic: The Visual History of Christmas Trees

The Wisdom Of Trees (Leonardo Da Vinci Knew It) is from NPR.

Where The Trees Are is an interesting map of the United States that shows…where trees are located.

Trees In An Urban Jungle is a NY Times slideshow.

In Search of the World’s Oldest Trees is from Discover.

Lords of the Rings: Oldest Tree Species on Earth is a slideshow from Wired. I’m adding it to The Best Sites To Learn About Trees.

The Tallest, Strongest and Most Iconic Trees in the World is from The Smithsonian.

What Can We Learn About Education From The World’s Tallest Tree?

Giant Sequoias is from National Geographic.

The World’s Most Amazing Trees is a neat photo gallery.

Go Plant a Tree! 5 Odd Facts About Arbor Day is from Live Science.

Turn Over a New Leaf! Ideas for Arbor Day Fun: Inspiring Quotes & Photos is from Parade.

Photographer’s Incredible 14-Year Quest to Document the World’s Oldest Trees is from My Modern Met.

Beautiful dark twisted fantasies: the world’s most ancient trees – in pictures is from The Guardian.

16 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World

Celebrate Earth Day With a 4,800-Year-Old Tree (If You Can Find It) is from The New York Times.

Life of a Tree is from the Arbor Day Foundation.

A different interactive from PBS is also called Life of a Tree.

A Walk in the Woods: A Photo Appreciation of Trees is from The Atlantic.

Telling the Tales of Trees Around the World is from The New York Times.

These 3 supertrees can protect us from climate collapse is from Vox.

PHOTOS: Living Tree Bridges In A Land Of Clouds is from NPR.

Find your local Tree Equity Score.

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