Last December, I posted My Best Posts & Articles About Building Parent Engagement In Schools — 2009, a compilation of what I thought were the most useful posts in my Engaging Parents In School blog last year.

As we near the end of this school year, I thought readers might be interested in hearing which posts I’ve written since that time might be worth reviewing.

Here are My Best Posts On Parent Engagement So Far This Year:

Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project

“School Matters: Parents Must Be Key to Education Reform”

“Home Libraries Provide Huge Educational Advantage”

New Study Shows That Paying Families To “Engage” In Schools Doesn’t Work

“Hybrid” Teachers & Engaging Parents

Can The Brookings Institution Really Be That Clueless?

Profiles in Family, School, and Community Engagement

Parent Engagement Interview

Is Developing Race-Specific Parent Groups Really The Way To Go?

“A Community-Based Relational Approach to Parent Engagement in Schools” Article Available Free Now

How NOT To Communicate With Parents

Latest Assessment Results From Family Literacy Project

Follow-Up To Lt. Governor’s Comments

Book Highlights Importance Of Parent-Community Ties

Will Somebody Tell Secretary Duncan’s Staff That There Are “Regular” Public Schools Engaging Parents, Too?

The “Parent Trigger” Comes To California….Unfortunately

Principal Organizes For Neighborhood Safety

Feedback is welcome.

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