A car bomb was found in New York’s Times Square last night before it exploded.

Here is a very short, and quickly put-together, list of related resources that would be accessible to English Language Learners:

Car Bomb Discovered In Times Square is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

Bomb Scare In Times Square is a New York Times slideshow.

Here is a short NY Times article about the street vendor to noticed the car and alerted police. He had a great quote: “See something, say something,” he said. Having students react to that statement, and all its possible meanings, could make a great writing prompt.

The New York Daily News has a slideshow.

CNN has a number of related videos on this page.

MSNBC has a slideshow on the event.

Here’s CNN’s newest video on what happened.

The New York Times also has a video.

Times Square Evacuated After Bomb Is Found is a video from The Wall Street Journal.

Terror In Times Square is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

New York as Terror Target is an interactive from the Wall Street Journal.

Here’s a CNN video of a possible suspect in the attack.

The New York Times has an impressive graphic on the event.

The Slogan That Saved the Day: ‘See Something, Say Something’ is a Wall Street Journal article.

MSNBC has a number of updated videos on this page.

The Associated Press has an interactive on the bomb.

Times Square bomb suspect arrested ‘at last second’ is a video from CNN.

MSNBC has a video on the suspect.

Bomb At Times Square is a slideshow from The Washington Post that gives a good overview of what is going on.

Interactive Timeline: Terrorism since 9/11 comes from The Los Angeles Times.

Suspect Charged with Bomb Plot is a NY Times slideshow.

Timeline: Faisal Shahzad is an interactive from The New York Times.

Scare in the Square: Tracking the Failed Times Square Bomber is a lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network.

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