How Americans See Europe is a funny, accurate (in the sense that I believe it reflects what many Americans believe), and very sad map showing the stereotypes that many people in the United States have about Europe.

My first thought was that it would be great to help teach Perception in my International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge class. And I do think that’s still a good idea.

But then I got to wondering if there was any way I could use it with my English Language Learners.

I don’t think the map itself would be very accessible to them. However, I could adapt the idea.

I’ve written in my book, English Language Learners: Teaching Strategies That Work, about having my Hmong refugee students share the stories they heard in the Thai camps about the United States (we ate people, etc.). It would be interesting to do a more in-depth lesson with ELL’s sharing the perceptions they think people in their country have of the U.S.– and why. Then they could share if they’ve found any to be true. In addition, they could share what perceptions they think people here have of their native country, and why.

It could make for some interesting discussions and excellent learning opportunities.

In fact, I’m going to add this infographic and lesson idea to The Best Sites For Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes. It seems like a good fit.